Creating a Greener Now

Meadow was established to eradicate the mountains of waste created by disposable and un-recyclable packaging.

We started in Sweden, where the advantages of a modern economy hide some the environmental damage. There is an established collection infrastructure, yet most plastic is not being recycled here. Instead, it is burned. Despite high income, modern infrastructure, and engaged citizens, the problem of waste persists. New solutions and new approaches are needed. At Meadow, we understand that this is a design problem. Instead of collecting material that is difficult or impossible to recycle, we must begin with packaging that fits a circular system.

Transforming linear packaging.

Our mission is to convert all packaging to circular solutions

At meadow we create packaging solutions that transform an outdated & wasteful system into a balanced, circular, and sustainable world. We do this with the Meadow Closed Loop Packaging System, consisting of an infinitely recyclable aluminum can paired with a reusable hat. Our products are inspired by nature, where waste from one organism is nutrition for another. No resources are squandered, everything is used. Just like a meadow.