Setting A New Standard For Refillable Products

We're Meadow. A technology provider making circularity at scale a reality. Our refill solution aims to contribute to an existing, circular eco-system, just like a Meadow.

Enabling Circularity at scale for brands

Meadow’s patented packaging technology repurposes the world’s most optimised, circular infrastructure: The aluminium beverage can. By using what’s already available, we’re giving businesses and brands a simple, scalable solution and consumers, an easy and familiar way to reduce their household waste.

Intuitive and premium packaging solution

Our licensable solution has been tried and tested with consumers and proven to be considered the most premium, sustainable and convenient solution to remove single-use, linear packaging from consumer products.

Customisable dispensers. Mess-free refills.

Meadow's system includes: Refill can (Infinitely recyclable) + Daisy Top end (Safe in a non-food context) + Reusable dispenser with our 'twist to open', easy-to-use technology

CPG/FMCG brands can license the Daisy TopTM opening system, designing a dispenser aligned to their brand identity and using their preferred supply chains for manufacture.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Our opening system requires aerospace precision in its execution to become 1) Enjoyable to open 2) Safe to use 3) Circular

To do this we engage with the entire supply chain, from raw material suppliers all the way to retailers, to ensure we leverage existing infrastructure.

Speeding up the transition to a circular economy

By using aluminium beverage cans as refill cartridges, we can access an unparalleled recycling collection infrastructure. This change helps brands to reach plastic and CSR goals while aligning with the regulatory landscape.