Welcome to Meadow!

We’re on a mission to enable and empower everyday circularity — and save the planet from drowning in waste.

Transforming the world of linear packaging.

Most household products come in single-use packaging, made of non-recyclable material.

Meadow Closed Loop Packaging System offers unparalleled recyclability, that dramatically reduces plastic & CO2-emission. Meadow’s innovative circular refill system, consisting of an infinitely recyclable refill cans and reusable dispenser, makes it easy for people to make the right choice, reduce their waste, and join the new circular society.

Today, most household products come in single-use packaging. Often made out of oil, not so often fully recyclable.

That’s what we’re here to change.

Meadow’s innovative ecosystem, consisting of the infinitely recyclable Meadow Refill-system™ makes it easy for people to make the right choice — both when buying a product and when recyling one.


Meadow believes in an evidence-based transition to a circular economy and net zero world. Read what inspires us:

"The circular economy completes the picture of what is required to tackle the climate crisis. It offers an approach that is not only powered by renewable energy, but also transforms the way products are designed and used."   Ellen MacArthur Foundation